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  • 100 Years of Walls Ice Cream – 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    One of Britain’s best-loved brands, Wall’s ice cream is a national treasure! Young or old, who can forget the thrill that an ice cream van brings? Generations of ice cream lovers have been coming together over Wall’s ice creams since 1922 and this puzzle marks their 100th birthday! Explore Wall’s journey over the years from…

  • A Work of Art – 2000pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    Steve Crisp is one of our much-loved artists and this is an extra special jigsaw puzzle exclusively created for Gibsons to celebrate our centenary. This unique puzzle features some of the best-selling puzzles Steve has painted for us over the last seven years! As with all Gibsons jigsaws, we use 100% recycled puzzle board, FSC…

  • Abbey’s Antique Shop – 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    When Abbey adopted Ralph the tabby cat, she expected help with her Antique Shop’s rodent problem. What she didn’t realise was the pre-loved cushions in the shop window make the perfect place for an afternoon nap, especially when the sun is streaming through the windowpane! Artist Steve Read has the incredible ability to capture our…

  • After Walkies – 636pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    Chasing cats and fetching tennis balls has taken its toll on these tired pups. Dreams of digging for bones and barking at the postman swirl around the heads of these tired pooches as they snuggle up for an afternoon dog nap.

  • Amsterdam – 636pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    There’s a good explanation for this strange phenomenon of the narrow houses by the canals. Back in the 17th century, the locals were taxed on the width of their property, making a narrow house a great way to save money.

  • Avocado Park – 250pc XL Jigsaw Puzzle


    Holy guacamole! This pear-fect 250 Extra-Large piece puzzle is filled to the brim with everyone’s favourite little fruit. The pieces in this 250XL piece puzzle are twice the size of those for a standard 500pc puzzle which makes it perfect for beginners or those with sight or handling difficulties. We’ve got avo-people doing avo-cardio, chilling…

  • Bargain Hunting – 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    From teddies to tricycles, have fun in the sun while you hunt for a bargain! In this 1000 piece puzzle the whole town is brought together, intrigued by treasures and whimsical knick-knacks

  • Beautiful Britain – 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    From the highlands and islands of Scotland, the emerald isle of Northern Ireland, the valleys and choirs of Wales to England’s green and pleasant lands, Britain truly is blessed. Artist Maria Rabinky has adorned the British Isles with a beautiful assortment of iconic and characterful images that will be familiar to many of us. As…

  • Bert’s Bath Night – 500pc XL Jigsaw Puzzle


    Bert loves a good bubble bath, but little did he know that all his friends do too. As pandemonium ensues, Bert considers it wise to leave them to it in the tub. After a back-tingling groom by his human, he may even be tempted later by another muddy puddle and then he can do it…

  • Best of British – 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    It’s the United Kingdom as you’ve never seen it before! This 500 piece puzzle is jam-packed full of landmarks, celebrities, buildings and dishes that make up the Great Britain we know and love! As with all Gibsons jigsaws, we use 100% recycled puzzle board, FSC paper and work with the best artists from all around…

  • Book Club: Jane Austen – 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    The Gibsons Book Club series celebrates the timeless literature and treasured stories which have enthralled our minds, captured our imaginations, and earned their place on our “must-read” lists for years.   From sinister London back streets to romantic strolls around country estates and dystopian family sagas, each Book Club jigsaw puzzle narrates the highs & lows,…

  • Book Club: Shelock Holmes – 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    Piece together a montage of all things Sherlock Holmes in this mysterious jigsaw puzzle. Transport your mind to the streets and alleys of London as you get lost in this classic puzzle that celebrates the world’s most famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. The Gibsons Book Club series celebrates the timeless literature and treasured stories which…

  • British Wildlife – 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    This jigsaw puzzle is an absolute must for wildlife enthusiasts. Here you will find a large variety of beautifully painted British animals from the precious Scottish Wildcat and Red Squirrel to the common Brown Rat.

  • Busy Farmyard – 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    There is no rest for the owners of Mayfield Farm! Whether it’s feeding the chickens or bringing the cows in for milking, everyone has an important role to ensure every job is complete. This 500 piece puzzle has been lovingly painted by the talented Trevor Mitchell. As with all Gibsons jigsaws, we use 100% recycled…

  • Caravan Outings – 2x500pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    In this special 500 piece multi-puzzle box, artist Kevin Walsh takes us back to the 60s, when families holidayed in the Highlands with their caravans. Can you spot Craigievar Castle in the background of one of the puzzles? The Scottish, seven-storey castle was built around 1576 and is said to have been an inspiration for…

  • Castle Cutaway – 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    Castle Cutaway goes through the keyhole of our fantasy castle and is the ideal hideout for when enemies attack! Flags can be seen around the castle marking the knights territory. There is a bow and arrow to warn off any unwanted attackers, whilst the hustle and bustle of this busy castle can be seen in…

  • Changing of the Guard – 500pc XL Jigsaw Puzzle


    Flying gracefully over Lincoln Cathedral, these four aircraft highlight the importance of past and present UK air defence. In this 1000 piece puzzle by Matthew Emeny, the Lancaster and Spitfire are shown breaking away from the formation, to symbolise old heroes moving aside to make way for the Vulcan and a modern-day fighter, the Typhoon,…

  • Childhood Memories – 100pc XXL Jigsaw Puzzle


    This 100-piece puzzle perfectly captures the joy of childhood. With the garden in full bloom and the vegetable patch bursting with produce, the summer holidays have finally arrived, and the children are free to play out all day. What could be better than making a den and imagining you are an aeroplane as you charge…

  • Christmas Bauble – 200pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    Christmas Bauble is a festive 200-piece jigsaw puzzle from Gibsons Games. It is the ultimate festive gift that is bound to spread some Christmas cheer. Inside this gorgeous gift is a 200 piece jigsaw puzzle that depicts hundreds of brightly coloured, shiny baubles. The blue packaging is covered in festive illustrations and gold foiling, making…

  • Christmas Festive Fun – 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    A hundred years ago, just as today, children everywhere have a growing anticipation for the festive season. The hope for snow and sledging, decorating the Christmas tree with candles and glittering baubles, and placing sprigs of holly around the home as these all become part of a family tradition. This was followed by Christmas Day,…

  • Clifton Bridge, Bristol – 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    As the MV Balmoral passenger ship journeys down the River Avon, the local Bristolians have gathered in Clifton to enjoy a refreshing ice-cream below Brunel’s awe-inspiring suspension bridge.