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The Official UK Puzzle Club is a very special jigsaw club, which allows you to take advantage of jigsaw puzzles and jigsaw accessories from the worlds finest jigsaw puzzle manufacturers. Our online shop sells only the best quality jigsaw puzzles available. The clubs aims to bring together jigsaw puzzle fans throughout the UK. We currently have over 1000 jigsaws in stock!

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Kitschy Kitchen 500pc

Bold, bright and oh-so-colourful, this puzzle shows heaps of vintage kitchen accessories. 
Quirky cups, bowls, storage jars and cruet sets sit alongside the cutesy ornaments and kitchen equipment. 
And tucked amongst these are cakes, cookies, pancakes, chocolates and so much more. 
The colourful painted shelves and patterned backgrounds add to the totally over-the-top result. 
Once completed, glued and framed, this would make a fab-u-lous piece of kitchen wall art! 
Wind down from daily chores and concerns and enjoy some mindful moments as you enter the world of the Kitschy Kitchen!

500 piece jigsaw puzzle


We Wish Moo a Merry Christmas 500pc

Join Buttercup, Luvabull, Winnie the Moo & Betty Sue as they enjoy their holiday singing Christmas carols. 
Their favourite festive song is “We Wish Moo a merry Christmas”! 
Enjoy a ‘bull-dozingly’ great Selfies design this festive season!

500 piece jigsaw puzzle


Best of British 23 - The Auction 1000pc

Welcome to number 23 in our

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Gallery of Fine Arts 3000pc

A wistful passer by pauses at the window of a superb art gallery. In the windows sit works by Renoir, Monet and Degas.  
Many more treasures lie inside, just tempting in those who are lucky enough to afford such masterpieces.  
Nevermind, there is no charge just to stand and look, admire and dream!  
Escape the pressures of the day and create your own mindful moments as you assemble this charming, detailed and beautiful puzzle.

3000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Frozen 1000pc

Get your skates on as you puzzle a beautiful scene featuring Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven having fun and causing mischief on the ice rink!

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Villainous Malificent 1000pc

This magical puzzle  stars The wicked Maleficent, and echoes the game elements and style of the hit game villainous. 
Discover a dramatic art gallery filled with key sleeping beauty characters including fairies Flora, fauna and Merryweather, King Stephen, King Hubert, Diablo, Aurora, Prince Philip and, of course, Maleficent herself.

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Villainous Prince John 1000pc

This fabulous puzzle stars The cruel Prince John, and echoes the game elements and style of the hit game villainous.  
Discover a dramatic art gallery filled with key Robin hood movie characters including little John, lady marian, lady kluck, Sir hiss, alan-a-dale, Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin hood and, of course, Prince John himself.

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Villainous Jafar 1000pc

This dramatic puzzle stars The evil Jafar, and echoes the game elements and style of the hit game villainous.  
Discover a great art gallery filled with important Aladdin movie characters including Jasmine, genie, Rajah, iago, the Sultan, Aladdin and, of course, Jafar himself.

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Birdsong by Madelaine Floyd - 1000pc

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Fun at the Fair 1500pc

The brightly coloured puzzle image captures a stunning fun fair with all the classic rides as you’d expect such as the dodgers, ferris wheels and more! 
This picturesque 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle has been illustrated by the very talented artist Victor McLindon.

1500 piece jigsaw puzzle


The Old Sweet Shop 500XL pc

The village sweetshop is the only place to spend your pocket money. 
With rows of shelves filled to the brim with lollies, toffees and pick ‘n’ mix, which sweet treats would you choose?

500 piece jigsaw puzzle


Puzzle of Positivity 1000pc

This Puzzle of Positivity is definitely needed during these difficult times. 
Packed full of pick-me-ups, along with a dash of sarcasm and a healthy portion of puns, this quirky puzzle has been illustrated by Katie Abey and provides bucket loads of happiness and motivation!

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Pigeons of Britain 1000pc

This 1000 piece puzzle celebrates the figures that have made Britain what it is today….in pigeon form! 

Illustrated by the talented Alice Tams, this jigsaw puzzle is filled with weird, whacky and rather feathery versions of some much-loved British talent…

Who can you spot?

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Taste of Christmas 1000pc

Get into the festive spirit with this gorgeous array all things Christmas! 

From decorations and crafts to a warm mug of hot chocolate, this 1000 piece puzzle is the perfect Christmas gift. 
The flowers, leaves and pom-poms in this puzzle were handcrafted and styled by paper artist and wedding designer, Rachel Emma Waring.

Taste of Christmas is part of our range of design-led jigsaw puzzles, especially for adults and is perfect for anyone wanting to take a ‘digital detox’ and switch off from everyday life.

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Christmas Eve at the Station 636pc

In this 636 piece panoramic puzzle, the village residents are busy making last-minute preparations for the big day tomorrow. 
Whether it is present buying, stocking up on groceries or travelling to see family, everyone has one more important job to complete before Santa arrives.

636 piece jigsaw puzzle


Magic by Moonlight 500pc

This group of furry friends are eagerly waiting up in the frosty park for Santa to arrive. Let’s hope that sleigh is filled with tasty treats! 
This gorgeous 500 piece puzzle is a brilliant Christmas treat or stocking filler.

500 piece jigsaw puzzle

£10.00 (Out of Stock)

WASGIJ Christmas 16, The Christmas Show, 2x1000pc

‘The Christmas Show!’ is the title of this festive Wasgij 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, where a crowd eagerly awaits the opening night of the school Christmas play, in fact there’s not an empty seat in the house! 
However, as the play reaches its dramatic climax, the audience seems to have a rather mixed response to what’s happening on stage, but what could possibly have provoked such a shocked expression from one of the poor parents? 
Has this play been more novelty than nativity? 
Wasgij Christmas is the puzzle concept where you must use your imagination and clues provided to piece together not what you see on the box, but what the people on the box see! 
Also, in this special Christmas edition release you also receive an extra puzzle of the image on the box included for free.

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Puzzle Sorter for up to 1000pc puzzle

A perfect accessory for all puzzlers, so you never miss a piece of your puzzle again.
6 card shaped trays to collect all the pieces and order them when assembling your favourite puzzles.
The product is perfect for dividing the various tiles depending on the shape, colour or type of piece.
Each container dimensions: 19 x 19 cm.

0 piece jigsaw puzzle


Puzzle Glue for up to 2 x 1000pc puzzle

Conserve your jigsaw permanantly with this very easy to use glue.
The puzzle image is sealed so its colours remain unblemished by time.

0 piece jigsaw puzzle


Portapuzzle Deluxe 1000pc

Jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts can now enjoy completing their favourite jigsaw puzzles wherever they are with this fantastic Portapuzzle.

The portable puzzle holder will protect and store your work-in-progress puzzles with no slippage. 

It also provides you with a comfortable, secure work surface to complete your latest challenge!

The special lining of the Portapuzzle provides a rigid work surface and, because the lining keeps all the pieces firmly in place, you can assemble your puzzle at any angle.

This DELUXE version provides a comfortable carrying handle and strong zip to ensure everything stays where it should !

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Animal Kingdom 3000pc

After a long, hot day, these beautiful animals head home for some well-deserved shut eye, enjoying a dip in the river before doing so. 
As the idyllic sun sets and the moon rises, these exotic animals cross paths to make this absolutely stunning illustration. 
Can you spot any of the famous

3000 piece jigsaw puzzle

£30.00 (Out of Stock)

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The Official UK Puzzle Club is a very special club, which allows you to take advantage of products from the worlds finest jigsaw manufacturers and brings together jigsaw fans throughout the UK

Membership benefits include:

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