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  • After Walkies – 636pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    Chasing cats and fetching tennis balls has taken its toll on these tired pups. Dreams of digging for bones and barking at the postman swirl around the heads of these tired pooches as they snuggle up for an afternoon dog nap.

  • Amsterdam – 636pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    There’s a good explanation for this strange phenomenon of the narrow houses by the canals. Back in the 17th century, the locals were taxed on the width of their property, making a narrow house a great way to save money.

  • Fido’s Coffee Bar – 636pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    Fido the dog runs the best coffee bar in town. With rarely a free seat, all the pooches flock to experience Fido’s finest Chow Lattes. Sit back and relax with this 636 piece panoramic puzzle from popular artist Linda Jane Smith and you’ll be amused and delighted by the antics of these scruffy mutts. As…

  • Looe Harbour – 636pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    The busy fishing town of Looe in Cornwall hosts the popular Looe Luggers Regatta, when the traditional two masted boats, many of which are restored and over one hundred years old, compete over two days. These luggers were the fishing vessels of their day. Because of their speed and manoeuvrability, they were also used by…

  • Railroad Crossing – 636pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    A look back to times not so long ago where a man wearing a flying jacket on a motorcycle sits just ahead of a classic read open top sports car as they wait at the crossing for the steam train to pass.

  • St Andrews – 636pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    For more than 600 years St Andrews has felt the tread of every great golf champion and flinched as millions of golfers have hammered and hacked, swatted and swiped at balls of wood, leather, gutta percha and balata. It has felt the caress of hickory and the sharp assault of blades of steel and titanium.  …

  • Tail of Two Chippys – 636pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    Friday night supper club at the local chip shop has these customers drooling over the catch of the day ‘Cat fish with Mushy Fleas and Doggies Sauce’ before they head out for a game of fetch. This 636 piece panoramic puzzle has been painted by the talented artist Linda Jane Smith. 

  • Walkies – 636pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    Did someone say “Walkies”?! The dogs in this 636 piece puzzle are ready and raring to go for a W-A-L-K! This panoramic puzzle has been lovingly illustrated by Linda Jane Smith and its special size means it is the same width as our 1000 piece puzzles but has a reduced height – the perfect size…