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  • Colourful Underwater World, 3000pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    This puzzle takes us on a dive into the rich blue waters around a colourful coral reef.  Orcas, dolphins, clown fish, Moorish Idol, rays, jellyfish and seals swim around the jewel-coloured corals, as a blue whale and her calf approach.  Bright shafts of sunlight turn the water’s surface to silver and spotlight many of the…

  • The Village Lighthouse – 3000pc Jigsaw Puzzle


    The painter of light, Thomas Kinkade, captures the timeless beauty of this classic scene of a village running down to the sea. Manufactured to Schmidt’s premium quality 6 Star-Quality. The 6 unique advantages are: 1. Great variety of forms thanks to individually shaped pieces 2. Perfect cohesion thanks to specially-developed cardboard which is 2.25 mm…