WASGIJ Mystery 25 – Eurosound Contest,1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

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Dimensions 69 × 49 cm



Falcon Jumbo

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Good evening puzzlers, this is Wasgij calling !

The incredible Eurosound Contest is underway, with musicians from around the globe competing to deliver the most spectacular performance of the night. Is the current act starting to lose the crowd, or will they have a surprise in store to secure maximum points from the judges ?

Use your imagination, and the clues provided on the box, to piece together what will happen next.   This is the scene you will have to puzzle.

The finished size of the jigsaw puzzle measures 68 x 49 cm (approximately) and has been produced using high-quality 100 percent recycled board and precision die-cutting techniques to ensure every jigsaw piece maintains its original shape time and time again.

With traditional jigsaws, you build the exact image that’s shown on the box. With Wasgij you must build an image that’s different from that shown on the box.  Although we give a few clues, Wasgij challenges you to use your imagination. Put that together with great drawings and pictorial humour, and it is no surprise that Wasgij has topped the jigsaw puzzle charts for so many years.