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Animals at Home - 2x1000pc

In these pet-filled puzzles, we see two very traditional home settings. 
In the first image, a delicious afternoon tea has been laid out in the living room, which has attracted all the pets! 
As some of them lay by the warming log fire, a cheeky tabby cat and an inquisitive Labrador have sniffed out the cream and jam laden scones, but are resisting the temptation to take a bite! 
In the second image, the pets have gathered on the window sill, watching the world go by outside. 
Could they be eagerly awaiting for their carer to come home? Or maybe the garden is temporarily out of bounds! 
At least the parrot and the hamster donít mind sitting inside on this sunny day. 
This beautiful set of two Falcon de Luxe jigsaw puzzles is perfect for any pet lover!

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle



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