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Accessories Jigsaws

Please click on the thumbnail jigsaw image below to view a larger picture of the jigsaw. Please allow 28 days for delivery of jigsaws, However, Most jigsaw puzzles in stock and despatched within 7 days. Returns accepted and full refund within 14 days of despatch

Fixative Set

Fixative set for 2 x 1000 piece jigsaws.Includes fixative,plastic mat & sponge. Create your own picture gallery from your favourite jigsaw puzzles

piece jigsaw puzzle

12.00 (Out of Stock)

Jig 66 Jig Pin Jigsaw Puzzle

Jig measures 40mm x 12mm x 4mm thick complete with Butterfly clip fastening.

0 piece jigsaw puzzle


Jigboard 1000

Jigboard for 1000pc

0 piece jigsaw puzzle

40.00 (Out of Stock)

Jigboard 1500

Jigboard for 1500pc - Takes 1500pc Jigsaw-Approx size= 93cm x 68cm

0 piece jigsaw puzzle

50.00 (Out of Stock)

Jigboard 2000

This jigboard will allow you to fit most jigsaws up to 2,000 pieces (up to 1021mm x 716mm, 40.2

2000 piece jigsaw puzzle

70.00 (Out of Stock)

Jigboard 500

Jigboard for 500pc

0 piece jigsaw puzzle

30.00 (Out of Stock)

Jigframe 500

Jigframe-500 assemble your puzzle on the board provided and slide into an elegant Frame, then change picture whenever you want

0 piece jigsaw puzzle

45.00 (Out of Stock)


Seven nesting trays to store up to 1000 puzzle pieces

0 piece jigsaw puzzle


Jigsor 1000

Jigsort 1000 portable puzzle carrier complete with separate sort trays

0 piece jigsaw puzzle


Jigsort 1500

Jigsort 1500 portable puzzle carrier complete with separate sort trays-
Not available until 21st December

0 piece jigsaw puzzle


Jigsort 500

Jigsort 500 portable puzzle carrier complete with separate sort trays

0 piece jigsaw puzzle


Jigstore 1000

Jigstore-1000 holds upto seven completed jigsaws

0 piece jigsaw puzzle


JvH Relaxing Colouring Book - Volume 2

0 piece jigsaw puzzle

7.00 (Out of Stock)

Portapuzzle Pro

Portapuzzle Pro-(68 x 49) Mulifunctional puzzle board complete with inserts for sorting pieces-The puzzle mat can be lifted out and the exterior folded over to create  a tilted suface for  an easy solution to puzzling.

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

40.00 (Out of Stock)

Portapuzzle Standard 1000pc

Portapuzzle Holder-suitable for 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Portapuzzle Standard 1500pc

Portapuzzle 1500 puzzleholder suitable for most jigsaw to 1500 pieces-Includes inserts for sorting pieces

1500 piece jigsaw puzzle


Pot Luck 1000pc

A random puzzle of 1000pc, not necessarily boxed

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Pot Luck 1500pc

A random puzzle of 1500pc or more, not necessarily boxed

1500 piece jigsaw puzzle


Pot Luck 500pc

A random puzzle up to 500pc, not necessarily boxed

500 piece jigsaw puzzle



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