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Jigsaw Puzzles

Please click on the thumbnail jigsaw puzzle image below to view a larger picture of the jigsaw.

Please allow 28 days for delivery of your Jigsaws, However, Most jigsaws are despatched within 7 days.

Returns accepted and full refund within 14 days of despatch

The Jigsaws:

"Sweet Break 1000pc" £13.00

100 Cats & A Fish Jigsaw Puzzle £10.00

101 Dalmations by Thomas Kinkade 1000pc £14.00

12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar - 12x80pc £15.00(Out of Stock)

2016 Limited Edition - Christmas Grotto 1000pc £13.00(Out of Stock)

2016 Limited Edition - Santas Christmas Party 1000pc £13.00(Out of Stock)

365 Little Things 500pc £9.00(Out of Stock)

4 assorted Museum Collection Jigsaw Puzzle £22.00

40th Anniversary 40s & 50s - 2 x 1000pc £13.00(Out of Stock)

40th Anniversary Heroes - 2 x 1000pc £13.00(Out of Stock)

500 £8.00

99 Beautiful Colours 1500pc £17.00(Out of Stock)

99 Beautiful Places USA & Canada 1000pc £13.00(Out of Stock)

99 Bicycles, 1500pc £17.00(Out of Stock)

99 Funny Animals 1000pc £13.00(Out of Stock)

99 VW Campervan Moments- 3000pc £25.00

A Beautiful Summer Day 2x1000pc £20.00

A Christmas Carol 1000pc £12.00(Out of Stock)

A Day at the Beach - 500pc £9.00(Out of Stock)

A Day at the Farm 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle £13.00(Out of Stock)

A Day ay the Zoo 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle £13.00

A Day of Cricket 1000 pc £12.00(Out of Stock)

A Day on the River - 1000pc £13.00

A Dogs Life 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle £9.00(Out of Stock)

A Frosty Flock 1000pc £12.00(Out of Stock)

A Good Team 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle £9.00(Out of Stock)

A Helping Hand-Morgan Weisling Jigsaw Puzzle £14.50

A Lost Stitch Jigsaw Puzzle £13.00(Out of Stock)

A Morning Stroll - 636pc £11.00

A Quarter of…1000pc £14.00(Out of Stock)

A Resounding Success - 300XLpc £9.00(Out of Stock)

A Stitch in Time 1000pc £13.00(Out of Stock)

A Stroll Through Central Park, 1000pc £12.00

A Summer Evening at the Pub - 2x500pc £13.00

A Thelwell Christmas 500pc £9.00(Out of Stock)

A Trip to the Movies 500pc £9.00(Out of Stock)

A Weekend Away - 500pc £9.00(Out of Stock)

A White Christmas 500pc Gift Box £9.00(Out of Stock)

A Winter Song 1000pc £13.00(Out of Stock)

A Winter Stroll - 1000pc £14.00(Out of Stock)

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