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Harbour Side 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Otterhouse 

Otterhouse Seaside

Jigsaw Puzzle Ref: O74218


Pieces: 1000

Width: 68 cm

Height: 49 cm

Available: 30/05/2019 16:39:58

Quantity required :

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Harbour Side 1000pc

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Seaside Tram, 1000pc

A wonderful artistic image showing a traditional old tram as it rides up a steep hillside surrounding a beautiful bay.

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Coastal Collage 1500pc

If you dream of days spent near the seaside, this is the puzzle for you! 
The 20 different paintings remind you of days spent near the coast, with images of sand dunes, rich blue or turquoise waters, yachts, fishing boats, coastal walks, a lighthouse and dramatic sunsets. Escape the pressures of the day, create some mindful moments and dream of days spent by the sea. 
Great gift idea or pastime for sailors, sun worshippers and anyone who loves to be by the sea.

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