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Country Life by Steve Crisp 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Otterhouse 

Otterhouse Countryside

Jigsaw Puzzle Ref: O74221


Pieces: 1000

Width: 68 cm

Height: 49 cm

Available: 02/05/2019 18:19:56

Quantity required :

Sorry out of stock

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Country Life by Steve Crisp 1000pc

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

14.00 (Out of Stock)

Afternoon Hack - 1000pc

An Afternoon Hack is the title of this delightful 1000 piece Falcon de luxe jigsaw puzzle, which is part of the Falcon de luxe Scenery collection. 
The puzzle image presents a beautiful summers day in the park gardens, so perfect it would be rude not to enjoy this nice weather! 
You can find friends taking a stroll on their horses through the stunning greenery, as well as furry friends all in one image.
This picturesque 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle has been illustrated by the very talented artist Anne Searle.

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


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