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Jigsaw Puzzles: Summery Strasbourg, 1500pc

Jigsaw Ravensburger 

Ravensburger Travel

Jigsaw Puzzle Ref: R16357


Pieces: 1500

Width: 85 cm

Height: 60 cm

Available: 31/10/2017 22:58:22

Quantity required :

Sorry out of stock

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Ramsau-Bavarian Alps Jigsaw Puzzle

Ramsau-Bavarian Alps-6000pc Jigsaw

6000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Photo Gallery 3 - River Semois, 1000pc

Photo Gallery 3 - River Semois, 1000 piece Jigsaw.  The Semois is a river flowing from the Ardennes uplands of Belgium and France towards the River Meuse.
This jigsaw puzzle captures the great reflection of the houses in the background, with the rows of brightly coloured tourist boats in the foreground.  The jigsaw portrays an idyllic scene on a beautiful day by the River Semois.  Great contrast in colours!

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Photo Gallery 4 - Whitby, 1000pc

Photo Gallery 4 - Whitby, 1000 piece jigsaw.  Great jigsaw puzzle of Whitby Harbour in North Yorkshire.  The fantastic colours emphasise the pretty harbour full of boats and the ruins of Whitby Abbey in the background.  Great vibrant colours adds to this jigsaw as a great gift for Maritime fans!

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


In the heart of Southern France-500pc

In the heart of Southern France-500 piece Jigsaw puzzle

500 piece jigsaw puzzle


Lake Maggiore-Ittaly-1500pc

Lake Maggiore is one of the beautiful Italian Lakes. The puzzle shows a photograph of some of the buildings nestled on the lakeside, and part of the beautiful lake itself, which looks very still and is coloured a rich blue. The foreground is full of rose bushes and other plants, whilst in the distance we can see the mountains, with fluffy white clouds looming up behind them.

1500 piece jigsaw puzzle


Island in Hordaland,Norway-1500pc

Iseland in Hordaland,Norway-1500pcHordaland, located in the western fjord area, is a beautiful area of Norway. This puzzle captures some of the magic of this wonderful place - rich green hills, deep blue water and open, expansive skies.

1500 piece jigsaw puzzle


Leaning Tower of Pisa-1500pc

Leaning Tower of Pisa-1500pcDiscover the delights of Pisa''s Field of Miracles from the comfort of your own home. Fans of Renaissance architecture will love all the detail in this image and puzzle fans will find the repeated patterns in the tower and Duomo a real challenge

1500 piece jigsaw puzzle


Skyline, NY-1500pc

Skyline, NY-1500pc- This stunning night time scene of New York will give puzzle fans plenty to keep them occupied. The sky looks moody and dramatic, with different shades of blue, pink and purple, as the sunset fades into night. Warm golden light pours out of the windows of the towering skyscrapers, whilst the Brooklyn Bridge is bedecked in greenish lights. And all the lights are reflected on the surface of the river.

1500 piece jigsaw puzzle


St Marks Square, Venice-2000pc Panoramic

St Marks Square, Venice-2000pc PanoramicSt Mark''s Square is the most important square in Venice and was apparently described by Napoleon as

2000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Austrian Mountains-3000pc

Austrian Mountains-3000 Piece jigsaw puzzle-an idyllc scene with a stream running through truly beatiful countryside

3000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Fascinating Norway-3000 pc

Fascinating Norway-3000pcNorway''s fjords are a popular holiday destination. This scene captures much of what makes this area so special - pretty wooden cottages nestled in rich green countryside, deep still lakes, towering mountains and clear blue skies. Puzzlers will enjoy picking out the little details - the white washed church, red roofed cottages, and cruise liner beyond. The steep slopes of the mountains will give a different challenge altogether - sorting, sifting and matching up all that greenery and grey rock.

3000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Canal Tour in Amsterdam-1000pc

Canal Tour in Amsterdam-1000pcDiscover the delights of Amsterdam from the comfort of your own home! This colourful photograph shows one of Amsterdam''s tourist boats, emerging from under one of the city''s famous bridges. In the distance we can see some of Amsterdam''s typical architecture - the narrow canal front properties with tall windows and decorative gable tops. It looks like a bright and sunny spring day in the city - the sky is blue, the trees are a fresh green and the sunlight glimmers off the surface of the canal.

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


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