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Candy Factory - Jan Van Haasteren 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Falcon Jumbo Jan van Haasteren (JvH)

Falcon Jumbo Jan Van Haasteren

Jigsaw Puzzle Ref: FJ19025
Jan van Haasteren (JvH) "Candy Factory" is a fantastic brightly coloured 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle with plenty to look out for in the highly detailed puzzle image. If you look carefully at the puzzle image you will get a taste for the uniquely brilliant JvH sense of humour that depicts a busy candy factory that clearly overworked as everyone, and every robot, is busy trying to produce enough candy and get them packed into the boxes in time for the shipment. There is plenty to look for in this puzzle illustration that includes the factory owner showing some guests around the factory floor, including Santa Claus, a couple of robots taking a time-out and enjoying some of the delicious treats they have helped produce, a less than inconspicuous robber trying to escape with some of the candy and plenty more. If this little taste of what is included in the puzzle image is to your liking, then this 500 piece puzzle will keep you entertained. What is most noticeable in this hilarious jigsaw puzzle is the extremely high level of detail and use of colours to make this puzzle even better. If you are already a fan of JvH you will probably be looking for the JvH trademark - the shark fin - featured in all of his puzzles. You will also see other JvH favourites - Saint Nicholas, The Hands and The Dentures all feature in this puzzle. If you have not done a JvH puzzle before, be sure to look out for all of these things - you will find them in most of his images. Jan van Haasteren has been creating amusing drawings exclusively for Jumbo for several decades. His drawings have a distinctive, easily recognisable, style - humorous images, hilarious situations and far more people than you would ever expect to see in a jigsaw puzzle!


Pieces: 500

Width: 49 cm

Height: 34 cm

Available: 28/08/2015 08:33:52

Quantity required :

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