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Sealife Jigsaws

Please click on the thumbnail jigsaw image below to view a larger picture of the jigsaw. Please allow 28 days for delivery of jigsaws, However, Most jigsaw puzzles in stock and despatched within 7 days. Returns accepted and full refund within 14 days of despatch

Beautiful Ocean-100xxl

Beautiful Ocean- -100xxl suitable for adults with handling difficulties and children age 6+

100 piece jigsaw puzzle


Dolphins Arc of a Diver Jigsaw Puzzle

Dolphins-Arc of a Diver-1000pc

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Idyll Moon Jigsaw Puzzle

Idyll Moon, 1500pc Jigsaw

1500 piece jigsaw puzzle


Jewels of the Sea-1000pc

The brightly coloured tropical fish and coral in this wonderful puzzle are almost like precious gems, set in a rich framework of deep blue sea. This reef is teeming with life, from the little tropical fish darting around in the foreground to larger ocean dwellers like the dolphin, ray, shark and even a whale. A lovely puzzle to enjoy either alone or with friends and family.

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Oceanic Life-200xxl

Oceanic Life -200xxl suitable for adults with handling difficulties and children age 6+

200 piece jigsaw puzzle


Penquins Jigsaw Puzzle


1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Rendez Vous Lassen Jigsaw Puzzle

Rendes vous-The Art of Lassen-1000pc Jigsaw

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Sea Otter Jigsaw Puzzle

Sea Otter-300XXL

300 piece jigsaw puzzle


Underwater Adventure, 500pc

Underwater Adventure, 500 piece jigsaw puzzle showing the ocean floor

500 piece jigsaw puzzle


Underwater Paradise-9000pc

Underwater Paradise-9000 piece jigsaw. The coral reef depicted in this puzzle is teeming with life. The brightly coloured tropical fish, friendly dolphins and impressive rays all make their way through the sunlit water, and we get an impression of the bright blue sky above the waves. There are loads of lovely underwater creatures to be discovered in this detailed and richly illustrated scene.

9000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Zodiac Flourescent Jigsaw Puzzle

Zodiac Jigsaw Puzzle which Glows in the Dark -1000 piece

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle



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